Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nestle/Cailler Project

While in Switzerland, Nestle Inc. gave us the task of re-branding, re-designing, and create a marketing campaign for L'originale Branche chocolate for their subsidiary Cailler Chocolate. As a team of designers, artists, and business experts, we came up with a strategy that made an emotional connection with both past and present generations that have always enjoyed the Branche. Nestle was impressed with our ideas and is in the process of incorporating some of our ideas.

Tapping into the Swiss culture and the demographic we were given, we made a series of poster/ads that represented enjoying the chocolate year round, it was a chocolate for every season. We also incorporated "Swiss Scherenschnitte" or swiss paper cutting techniques to make a nostalgic connection while also representing family type activities people can do year round.

We also designed new packaging, point of sale stands and train trolley ads to market the products.

On a corporate level we suggested that they get celebrity endorsement from none other than Swiss icon Roger Federer.

Lastly we suggested that since Mcdonald's in Switzerland already uses Cailler chocolate for there Mcflurry shakes, that they also start to sell the Branche chocolate.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

You just Graduated, what are you going to do next?

FREEDOM! I didn't think the day would come but I graduated finally with my BFA in Art and Graphic design from Utah State University. We were able to show case our work as a class with the annual BFA Exhibition. After that it was smooth sailing off into the unknown "real world". I've learned so much in my college career and now I am ready to tackle new challenges and discover new experiences.

Bloxr business sytem

These are some business system designs I am finishing up with a medical company called BLOXR. I enjoy freelance projects. I feel you continue to learn about new tools and techniques for designing all types of media and in all platforms.

Downtown Logan Business Competition

Well, over the final year of my college career, I fill my skills have truly blossomed as a designer. As one of our last projects, we chose three businesses in downtown Logan, Utah and created posters, pamphlets, and designed website interfaces for the said companies. The project truly taught us how to work together as a team with designers and photographers each art directing a project. Below are some samples of the work we did for a swim shop and a sports store. The photography was done by Josh Munns.